Governments Failure on Global Digital Geopolitical Strategy

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Governments Failure on Global Digital Geopolitical Strategy

Abstract: Governments think they have the capacity and ability to control the origin of information and its validity, but no one can guarantee the integrity of the information and how it came about. Many people believe that people who have authority also have control and power, this is not the case, control, power and authority is given to the one who has the knowledge and information to carry out his/her purpose with the right choices.
Among us there are companies, public and private for different purposes, companies can be set up by non-friendly countries of high interest to gather information. The goal remains the same, the creation of a digital profile with the habits and needs of people who are in the research and interest field. Of course this is not only possible in the physical world but also in the digital world.
In the digital world it is very easy to create a digital human profile when you are even on the government side it is easier because then there is Internet Service Provider (ISP) support so the candidate's digital footprint can be easily searched. But even when you're not on the government side, companies with the right technology can trap the prospective victim to build their profile online.
So governments around the world aren't the only ones who want to know the habits of citizens, but what happens when governments themselves fall victim to it?
Keywords: IoT, Goovernment, Security, VPN, Proxy, Surveillance, Networks, Technology..


Corresponding Author: Christos Beretas, Msc, PhD Candidate in Cyber Security at Innovative Knowledge Institute, Paris, France
International Journal of Innovative Research in Electronics and Communications (IJIREC)
Volume 5, Issue 4, 2018, PP 1-4
ISSN 2349-4050 (Online) & ISSN 2349-4042 (Print)

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