How Really Secure is TOR and the Privacy it Offers?

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How Really Secure is TOR and the Privacy it Offers?

TOR is a very popular Project, a global anonymity network loved by millions of internet users, used by people who want to express their opinion online, take malicious actions, transfer files from one location to another without these files are compromised, their location is not detected, etc. All the above actions are performed so as not to be detected by ISPs or to log their online data from the websites they want to visit, thus significantly reducing the risk to be detected, although the ISP knows when a user is connecting to the TOR network but without being able to see the contents of the packets. TOR started for another purpose and ended up being used for another purpose. Designed by the U.S Navy for the exchange of confidential data and ended up an open source project, this in itself is questionable and needs a lot of skepticism, how an anonymity project that was designed to be used for the secrecy of communications was left free to users making life difficult for the secret services worldwide to detect dangerous online transactions and prevent malicious actions, isn't that true after all? Did the government create an anonymity project to make its life more difficult? is this whole endeavor a delusion? Is this whole project deliberately in the interest of governments?


*Corresponding Author:
Christos P. Beretas , PhD Candidate (full scholarship) in Cyber Security at
Innovative Knowledge Institute, Paris, France

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