Market Insights and their influence on Software product design. Application : Taguchi Methods

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Market Insights and their influence on Software product design. Application : Taguchi Methods

The Paper reports the findings of Applied research of Taguchi methods in Product engineering. It is specifically examined the relationship between Market Insights and Product feature
capabilities of Software products performance when measuring the different components of product design and winning the market sales. Taguchi method is applied for the loss function
mapping in software design process with an objective to improve product feature capabilities in the early stages of design. The study also proved that there was a significant relationship
between Product feature capabilities and the Go-to-Market strategy. This paper also provides recommendations to the software companies and for further research.
Information technology and Software product development companies use traditional reliability engineering methods to calibrate the objective functions of their new software
products to meet various market demands and customer requirements. These methods are marginally effective in reducing failure rates of their Software products with the competitive
alternates. To fundamentally improve the Product quality, the engineers need to focus on improving the robustness of the basic functions and features of their new products or process
technologies and apply parameter based design methods to make the basic functions and features approach the ideal requirements under real market demand conditions and overcome
competition. These robust design activities should be conducted by research and development departments or rely on the Market Insights from research analysts who has done this Research
in the product engineering before actual products are released with a Go-to-Market strategy. The objective is to improve the downstream reproducibility of new technologies. The technical
development of an Software product is used to explain this proposition. An organization is at the point of taking up a new project with an objective of improving the software product quality
by feature enrichments, Taguchi method is applied for the software design process with an objective that more than one new feature is found per competing alternate software product in
the Market. The strategy in robust design and continuous innovation / improvements by absorbing the Market Insights and comparison of competing software product in the market to
optimize the software product design by maximizing product feature capability measures with respect to design parameters. Towards this a cause and effect diagrams for design features was
drawn. Subsequently a design strategy focusing on the Software Product Engineering approach is defined with the opinions from customers, product owners and delivery personnel.

DBA Thesis
Venkata Sesha Bhargav Mylavarapu
European International University - Paris

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