Transformational Leadership And Innovative Work Behaviour Among Private Sector Companies In Turkiye

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Transformational Leadership And Innovative Work Behaviour Among Private Sector Companies In Turkiye

A leader’s work is difficult because he or she must deal with a diverse spectrum of staff members, all of whom have various personalities. This needs the capacity of leaders to think outside the box in order to overcome these difficulties. To perform his administrative tasks more effectively and efficiently, he needs management and leadership qualities. The leadership of the supervisor is a vital aspect of his or her personality to deal with on a daily basis. Transformational leadership is a relatively recent approach to leadership in the business setting that focuses on the development of subordinates rather than the development of leaders themselves. According to research, transformative leadership is connected to the development of IWB. This research is looking to discover whether there is a relationship between transformative leadership approaches and IWB in private companies in Turkey and what are the barriers in adopting the two. Because of the scarcity of prior research in this topic at private companies in Turkey, this location was selected for the study. The study's goal was to look at the TLS and IWB of private companies in Turkey. To achieve these goals, data was collected via an interview. The stratified random sampling approach was utilized. A total of 200 supervisors and subordinates from around Turkey took part in the survey, the study's results imply that leaders employ IWBs to assist subordinates more effectively. According to the research, TLS and IWB seem to have a significant relationship. The working culture at the researcher's private companies in Turkey does not encourage people who strive to take the initiative or operate in a different way than the rest of the personnel. Administrators alike face hurdles posed by the business system while attempting to devise creative solutions. It is useful for principals since it describes how they might adopt the transformational leadership style and what considerations they should consider. Aside from that, the study identifies the most critical elements. According to the research's theoretical conclusion, additional demographic characteristics should be added in the study in order to perform a more extensive analysis and get a better grasp of the features. Its practical conclusion analyzes how our private companies might improve their working environments to be more productive for the benefit of our students.
Keywords: leadership, influence abilities, innovative behavior, barriers in implementing

Mehyeddin Abdulrahman Ahmad
Department of Business Administration, European International University, France Corresponding author: [email protected]

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